An accomplished producer and project manager with over fifteen years of global experience in fashion, commercial photography and video, Erika manages and directs teams of talented photographers, videographers, stylists, hair & makeup and digital retouchers generating work across all media. Growing up in the “make it happen, make it great” era of advertising, she sweats the details that often spell the difference between good and great. Savvy, driven, and resourceful, while maintaining calm under fire, Erika brings the kind of positive energy to problem solving that elevates a project beyond expectations. Channeling added value into the final product, she works to provide the best experience for clients, cast and crew. On time. And within budget.



Currently residing in Dallas but available to work onsite in Texas, Los Angeles, St. Louis and Remote. Have work? She also has a passport and is eager to travel out of the country as long as accommodations can be provided.



An elephant herd is led by a matriarch. She is wise. She is resourceful. She guides with a combination of patience, confidence, compassion and courage. In times of crisis, the herd will rely on her to lead them through the jungle. In the jungle we know as advertising, this…is who I am. This…is what I do.


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I grew up in this business. My grandfather had a small advertising agency back in Indianapolis. My father was an Executive Creative Director with a career spanning more than 40 years in Dallas, St. Louis, NYC and Austin. Despite their warnings, I found myself in advertising. Starting at the bottom as a film PA with 18-hour days, I moved into Styling and ultimately worked my way up to Producer. I’ve put in the sweat. And I know what it takes to guide and manage a project to the highest standards. Over the last 15 years, I’ve worked in studios and on location — around the country and abroad, in places that range from Mediterranean glamorous to the sweltering Texas heat. Along the way, I’ve been called to manage some of the toughest, most demanding, most logistically complex shoots. And ultimately, some of the most rewarding.


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